• AFYA launches its International Rugby Academy

AFYA Sports Training was founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting health & wellbeing in children and young people through physical activity. The AFYA team deliver multiactivity children’s holiday camps in Chester & Cheshire, aswell as sports specific courses focusing on rugby, netball, athletics, cricket, hockey & more.

AFYA also work all over the UK developing both amateur & professional athletes, players and teams. In schools, AFYA support & expand the sporting curriculum.

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Our proven techniques build a person’s speed, stamina and agility which are game-breaking performance skills. Train for life, train with AFYA.

Everyone is different. At the start of each programme we run a series of tried and tested bench marking exercises that are age specific so that we can correctly assess where you or your children are in terms of ability.

These bench marking exercises cover eye-to-hand coordination, agility and both forwards and sideways speed. From here we can tailor your programme correctly and monitor improvement throughout the course.