Old Anselmians RUFC working with AFYA

Old Anselmians RUFC is working with AFYA on a Team Development Programme for the Junior Section. The aim of the programme is to assist the coaches in putting in place a coaching philosophy and a way in which the game is coached across the age groups that reflects and embraces the way they want to play rugby.
The players will be able to transition from age group to age group seamlessly knowing that the coaching patterns and the way the game is played and coached will be seamless. The benefits for the players, coaches and ultimately for the club will be enormous.

Pupils at leading girls school tackling rugby with help of AFYA

AFYA is delighted to be working with pupils from a leading independent girls’ school.

Girls at The Queen’s School in Chester are being offered weekly rugby lessons through its Fitness For All initiative.

The school, which recently invested £500,000 in a new state-of-the-art gymnasium and sports hall, is keen for girls to try an expanding range of sports as well as the more traditional netball, hockey and lacrosse on offer.

The Queen’s School Head of Sport Miss Gemma Glynn said: “At the heart of the school’s Fitness For All strategy is the idea that we need to encourage all of our pupils – whether they see themselves as sporty or not – to take up some sort of activity.

“For some, our traditional sports like hockey, tennis and athletics will be a perfect fit; for others we have introduced new sports like tag rugby, fencing and tai chi along with yoga, Zumba and Pilates.

“We’ve found that offering girls the opportunity to try lots of different activities in a relaxed environment with their friends is key to improving participation levels.

“We also firmly believe that a healthy body equals a healthy mind and that girls who are fit and healthy do better academically.”

The Queen’s School has three bespoke sports facilities at the Senior School site including a fitness suite, fitness studio and a new sports hall as well as improved changing facilities.

We are working with The Queen’s School pupils from year 7 upwards. Team sports such as rugby have a great deal to offer girls and the recent success of the England Women team winning the Rugby World Cup has been inspirational.

We’re finding that a lot of our rugby playing girls, who have traditionally played netball, have excellent hand-eye coordination. They are also very technical and competitive, which means they have taken to rugby straight away. We have some real stars in the making.