Great news! You want to book one of AFYA Sport Training’s fantastic courses!

If you haven’t used our booking system before, please read the following info before clicking through to book.

Once you click the booking link a page will come up where you can either log in  or register.

As a new customer, complete your registration details. You will then receive an email giving you a unique password and log in. Keep this safe as you can use this ongoing everytime you book a course and it means you don’t have to set up your information in the system again.

Use your new details to now log in at the log in section.

You will now be in your Dashboard where you can select any course. Before you can book you need to check the section that has your ‘user account details’ to make sure your information is correct. Next you must ensure that you have two emergency contacts set up and finally you need to add each of your children to the Child/Children details section. Please be sure to detail any allergies or medical issues in this form and ensure that you answer all required questions. This way we have all the information we need!

You may also choose to complete the section where you can designate authorised collector details.

Once info is complete it stays on your record and you will only need to update this with any new details such as changes of address or phone number next time you book.

Now click ‘Book Now’ in bookings- you should be able to find your course and follow the steps on screen to book and pay!

We look forward to see you at an AFYA Sports Training camp soon.